Curvy Board

A Waldorf inspired creation
We would like to share a vision of hope & learning. May this simple tool be the key to unlocking the treasure of imagination & creativity in each young soul that touches it.Curvy boards are teeter totters, balance beams, slides, and… anything else your child can dream up. This unlimited range of possibilities is what makes open ended toy an ideal
learning toy for 21st century learning skills.


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In a world where computers “know” all the facts, it is the imagination, innovation, and creativity of the human mind that has value. It is said that rocking helps develop a child’s sense of balance and for the brain to sort sensory impressions. The value in any toy is not what the toy can do, but what the child can do with it

If you ask to ask what it is, you know it’s going to require some imagination. It’ll send them outdoors, get their bodies moving and inspire their minds to start racing – and that’s a lot more than you can say about most toys today.

Curvy BoardMade from 9 layers of poplar plywood, sanded smooth, and finished with varnish. Each board is handmade so no two are alike, each board offers its unique design from nature. Curvy Boards with the darker walnut stain come with a red logo, lighter golden honey stain boards come with either green, yellow, or white logo.



9 layers of poplar plywood

curved to a precise angle

sanded smooth and stained

water base varnish to seal

each board has its own individual grain chosen from mother earth


Available in your choice of three finishes:


Natural (Varnish Finish)

Maple (Varnish Finish)

Walnut (Varnish Finish)

Each board is embossed with a beautiful sunburst logo in your choice of color: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue.

Note to teachers: The maker of our Rocker Boards strongly recommends the more durable varnish finish for use in the classroom.

34″L x 12″W

Ages 3 and up

Handmade in the USA

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